• Please be sure to submit your Participant Overview.
  • Be sure to complete the medical form, as this is important information for us to have to care for each one of our participants.


  • In your Participant Overview, please include any music or the soundtrack you plan to use if music is involved for your talent.
  • Also include any additional props you may require for your talent, and please be prepared to supply the necessary props for the show.
  • You may bring your 5 cans of food Friday, so that Saturday is an easy check-in!
  • A snack for the evening might be a good idea, as food is not provided and no concessions are available. 


  • Please be sure to bring your 5 cans of food if you are not participating in the Talent Show on Friday.
  • Be sure to bring your dress for the Final Show and shoes, hair and makeup will be provided. 
  • Please eat a hearty breakfast! We will supply lunch for the participants, but extra snacks are always a good idea!